Photoshop Brush Stamp Quick Tips

Brush placement final

Two Quick Tips

I have two tips today for using Photoshop brush stamps. By “brush stamps” I mean Photoshop brushes that are intended to just be “stamped” once—such as the brush used in the upper left of the image above.

Tip #1

To start, center the brush as much as possible.

If you think you want to place your brush stamp so that it is cut off at the edge of the image frame, first place it so that as much of it is within the frame as possible. That way, the brush stamp isn’t clipped at the edge and you can move it around to find the ideal placement. The left image below shows how I first placed this brush. The right shows what would have happened had I just clicked where I thought I wanted the brush to go. I would have to re-stamp if I wanted to change the placement to show more of the brush. (By the way, if you know of a way around this, let me know, I’ve never seen a reference to it, but Photoshop has lots of secrets!)

Photoshp brush stamp placment

When stamping your brush, center it as much as possible to avoid clipping, then move it to the desired location.


Tip #2

Start with a solid black color.

I like to treat brush stamps as overlays (which they basically are!) and use a solid color adjustment layer to change the color. This gives me much more freedom to quickly tweak the color. Just hit D on your keyboard to put the color picker at the default color of black. Then, stamp once at 100%. Next, add a solid color adjustment layer and clip it to the brush layer. Change your blend mode and opacity to suit your image. See the tutorial, Two methods for changing the color on transparent overlays.

Solid Color Adjustment Layer with a Clipping mask sounds really scary, but it’s super easy! Watch The Video

The Layer Panel

Here’s my layer panel of the entire image.

Layer Panel


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