Our Comments Policy

We encourage and welcome comments on the site. 
Unfortunately there are a lot of comment Spammers, so I must moderate comments and implement a comments policy. I will delete comments that do not adhere to the policy.

Comments must clearly relate to the post.

There are a lot of people who “dump” comments on sites only to get links back to their own site and to try to grab attention. They usually post something vague like “Very nice post, very informative.” My Spam filter will flag them because it detects the source or there may be only keywords in the name. It can be hard to judge if a comment is truly a comment or if it is SPAM. So, please say something in your comment that shows you read the post. Thanks!

Links in Comments

I do not allow Link Dumping. This is where someone only comments to advertise their own blog / service / product. I do have a Comment Love feature that will display the last post of your own blog, but please make your actual comment is relevant to the post. In general, I don’t allow other links in the comments unless it very clearly relates to the post. An example of an accepted link would be someone linking to artwork they created using one of the downloads, or another article that relates to the subject in a way that enhances the conversation. Of course there are also the contests where linking is encouraged.

If you would like a link on our site, please contact me with the contact page.

No Technical Support In Comments

If you have a question in general or a problem with a download, please don’t post it in the comments section. Instead, use the contact page.

Common Courtesy

As usual, let’s all be cool and civil. Feel free to disagree or offer an alternative opinion / method, but be nice about it.

Thanks for your cooperation! If you feel I’ve unfairly deleted a comment, please contact me.

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