Download Trouble Shooting

A Few Notes About Free Downloads

Usually, files download with no problem, but the internet can be a finicky beast so please try these things if you experience problems.

  •  When you click a download link, the download will start downloading into where ever you’ve set your downloads. This is often into a download folder. You may not see anything happening.
  •  If you are unsure if it has downloaded, check your download activity in your browser. Each browser is different. On Firefox it is Tools/Downloads.
  •  Don’t click the link over and over successively. You may just be jamming the process.
  •  If you are having problems, it could be a browser glitch.
    • Try restarting your browser.
    • Clear the cache and history.
    • Try another browser. I recommend Firefox.
  •  Unzip the file by double clicking on it. Occasionally, zip files can become corrupt during downloads. If you are getting errors, try to download it again. I recommend the free Stuffit Expander for unzipping files.

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