Texture Tweak No. 2

Here’s another example of how important it is to tweak your texture to fit your image.

In the image below, I’ve used the texture, Ancestor from the Glorious Grunge collection. It’s feeling too green, a bit too blue, and too dark for this vintage still life.

Image before texture tweaks

Image before texture tweak.

Final Image

In the following, final version, I added a Levels Adjustment Layer to brighten the texture and a Color Balance Adjustment Layer. These adjustments to the texture result in an image that better conveys the warm, antique feeling that I envisioned.

After Texture Tweaks

After Texture Tweak

Before Image

Here’s my original image with basic Lightroom exposure adjustments.

Original Image before texture.

Original Image with basic Lightroom adjustments.

Processing Notes

  • Canon 7D with a Canon 60mm macro lens. ISO 100, f/10.0, 1/5 second.
  • Natural light.
  • Camera mounted on a tri-pod with cable release.
  • Image processed with Topaz* Clarity filter. Architecture setting with Brick Building preset.
    (I came to this just by playing around with the settings.
  • Texture is Ancestor from the Glorious Grunge collection.
    Blend Mode: Multiply, Opacity: 89%
  • Texture Tweak: Levels Adjustment Layer: highlights brightened to 199. Applied to the texture with a clipping mask.
  • Texture Tweak: Color Balance Adjustment Layer: Red+13, Green -5, Blue -1. Applied to the texture with a clipping mask.
  • Overlay: French Photo Studio Overlays.
    Blend Mode: Multiply with a solid color clipping mask with the color: #7e7d74.
    Layer mask edited using a grunge brush to break up the overlay and make it look more weathered.


Here’s a peek at my layers in Photoshop.

Layer panel in Photoshop

A peek at the Layers

Useful Tutorials:


Glorious Grunge Texture Collection

Glorious Grunge Texture Collection

Vintage French Photo Studio Overlays

Vintage French Photo Studio Overlays

Topaz* Clarity filter is an affiliate link. I get a small commission from any sales resulting from a click from this site (at no extra cost to you.) I really do love these filters. Nearly all of my own images use one of these filters. Thank you for supporting the site!

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