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I’m sometimes asked for recommendations on getting things printed. I don’t live in America, so I haven’t used most of these services, but here are the recommendations that I’ve run across either on photography or scrapbooking boards. Note this isn’t an exhaustive list, just the links I’ve bookmarked as I ran across them or they were recommended.


Tiny Prints

This site is geared more towards custom invitations, but they do have photo books.

Persnickety Prints


For making a photo book or scrapbook.

Scrapping Simply

Wolf Camera / RitzPix

I have used their printing when I lived in Sausalito for quick prints. I was pleased with the convenience and quality.

Geared to the professional photographer


Black River Imaging

Miller’s Professional Imaging


Simply Color Lab



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  1. Tony March 8, 2012 at 4:56 pm #

    I use Mpix and I can’t recommend them highly enough. Their speed of delivery is amazing. On a recent order, I uploaded my images at 11:30 am and received email notification of shipping at 2:00 pm. The amount of care that they give your order is evident in the way that they pack your prints for shipping. If your image has a lot of yellows and greens in it, try the metallic paper. It will really make your images ‘pop’.

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