Sweet Cherry Blossoms By Kimberly Chason

Sweet Cherry Blossoms

Sweet Cherry Blossoms

I love the impressionistic feel of this textured image by Kimberly Chason. It has a perfect balance of detail to ethereal.

Image Details

Before Image

Original Image

FK Texture: Charmante from the Artiste Collection.

Charmante Texture

Charmante Texture / Artiste Collection

Blend Mode: Overlay

Opacity: 74%

Processing Notes: The burn tool was used in some areas of the texture and dodge tool to lighten some areas. Then the eraser tool at 30% or so on and around blossoms then the brush tool with a light color selection from the texture over blossoms.

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Be sure to check out more of Kimberly’s images. Kimberly also takes fabulous equine photographs.



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