Stargazers by Anna

Star Gazers

I love this piece by Anna. She delicately uses textures to fulfill her artistic voice.

Anna Explains How It Was Made

In Paint Shop Pro, I first created an HDR version, using photos developed from one RAW image with different exposures.  A little more tweaking, including using clarify in the brightness/contrast menu.  That’s one of my favorite post-processing tweaks!

Then I layered “Geode”, using the burn blend mode at 16% opacity.  On top of that I layered “Printemps” with overlay blend at 79% opacity. And voila! We have the finished piece!

Textures Used

French Kiss Texture: PrintempsFrench Kiss Texture Collection I

  • Blend Mode: Overlay
  • Opacity: 79%
  • Layer Mask: No
Sarasota texture French Kiss Texture: GeodeFrench Kiss Texture Collection I

  • Blend Mode: Burn
  • Opacity: 16%
  • Layer Mask: No


Anna Louise


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