New Affiliate Program For French Kiss Collections

I’m pleased to announce our new Affiliate program for French Kiss Collections. The photography community is such a loyal community and wonderful about giving Link Luv. I couldn’t make it without you! This is a way to show my appreciation for your loyalty.

What’s an Affiliate Program?

With an affiliate program, people can place banners and text links on their blogs, web sites and newsletters. If their followers click through and make a purchase, they get a commission on the sale.

How Does It Work?

When you sign up for the French Kiss Collections affiliate program, you will get a unique number that is embedded in your links. My affiliate service records each sale to your number. Once a month, I get a list of the commissions you earned and I then make payments via Paypal.

Who Can Be An Affiliate?

Anyone with an active website or blog that is related to photography, graphics, scrapbooking or any activity that would use textures, overlays, ephemera, etc. Sign Up Now

Sign Up Now!
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